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Trustworthy And Knowledgeable Drug Crime Attorneys

If you are facing drug crime charges, there is no underestimating the importance of working with an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to achieve the best outcome. The seriousness of these crimes requires a seasoned lawyer who has worked on both sides of the criminal justice system.

Attorney Craig Wallace is that lawyer. He is a former assistant district attorney in Brooklyn and former Special Narcotics Prosecutor for New York City. He has more than 20 years of criminal trial experience handling all types of drug charges, including:

  • Possession
  • Delivery
  • Possession with intent to deliver
  • Cultivation and manufacture of illegal drugs
  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Prescription drug crimes

Defending Your Future, Protecting Your Rights

At Wallace & Wallace, LLP, we provide criminal defense representation backed by decades of combined legal experience, including extensive experience prosecuting drug crime cases involving:

  • Methamphetamines
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • Prescription drugs

If you have been arrested on possession, manufacturing, transporting, prescription fraud or trafficking, your very future is at stake. Don’t hesitate to contact the drug crime defense attorneys at Wallace & Wallace, LLP.

Putting Together The Best Defense Strategy For Your Case

As attorneys, we can fight for the best results possible, given the facts before us. We review every aspect of your case, looking to identify anything unusual such as search and seizure violations. The police are bound by strict rules regulating stops and searches, entering homes, obtaining official statements, and arresting suspects. When they violate any of these rules, we might be able to suppress the evidence they have gathered, leaving the prosecutor without essential evidence.

Some cases are better for trial than others. Our experience helps us make the right decision regarding plea bargaining or taking a case to trial.

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