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Landlords must justify reasons for tenant evictions

With the U.S. economy in the shape that it is in, including the job market, inflation, people trying to make rent each month, and people trying to feed their families, there are some There are laws in place that protect tenants from rent increases and other actions by landlords. In some New York communities, there are laws that say that a renter cannot be evicted without the landlord having a good cause to do so.

Many landlords feel that those laws are affecting their rights as people who own businesses and that local government is stepping over the line by imposing such restrictions. They argue that the local ordinances conflict with state law.

The two sides of the coin are both understandable

It is important for tenants to feel that their rights are being protected on a state as well as a local government level. On the other hand, the laws that protect landlords should also be in place and enforced. However, it is essential that the two sets of laws do not cancel each other out and that they protect everyone involved.

The issue at the center of this situation is whether landlords must be able to prove good cause before they are able to evict a tenant. The question is whether those types of laws are constitutional or they step on people’s rights from a legal perspective. Interestingly, many lawsuits have emerged as a result of the laws being put into place and there may be more to come.

What happens if the laws are no longer in effect?

When it comes to real estate rental, if the landlord has no restrictions that stop them from making up the rules as they go, the tenant will most likely ultimately suffer. Rent as well as other expenses that are connected to renting a residence are bound to increase. If there is no imposed control on how much, the sky will be the limit.

It seems like a situation with a lot of issues for everyone concerned. If people are not able to afford rent, they have the potential to become homeless, which would make the situation much worse.

A knowledgeable real estate lawyer

If you are having some challenges with a landlord, consulting with a knowledgeable Poughkeepsie, New York, real estate lawyer may help your case a great deal. The lawyer can help you to navigate the process successfully and will help you to protect your rights at the same time. Hopefully, your case will have a favorable outcome in the end.