Poughkeepsie Zoning Attorneys

Before You Put A Shovel In The Ground, Put Our Zoning Knowledge To Work For You

Many a project has been delayed, slowed down or shut down because of zoning issues. Know your exposure before you get started.

Being Prepared Saves Time and Money: You don’t want to be caught short for zoning violations that can cost you in time and money – especially fines. Working with skilled counsel can help you interpret and file all the necessary applications prior to the start of any construction. That’s why you want Wallace & Wallace LLP and our skilled team. Our zoning attorneys will work directly with you to address all challenges you may face, including:

  • Land use and zoning approvals
  • Special use zoning
  • Contract zoning
  • Ordinance-related issues
  • Rezoning issues
  • Obtaining variances
  • Appeals of adverse planning and zoning decisions

We help individual property owners, businesses and real estate developers navigate the intricacies of this often confusing area of law.

No Matter Where You Are in the Project Process: Whether you are just getting started or need help getting a project back on track that’s been shut down or delayed due to a zoning problem, our team is adept at stepping in no matter what phase you are in. We are well-versed in all aspects of municipal and land use law.

Quickly Secure Necessary Variances and Permits: Our team knows that time is of the essence, which is why we work fast to get you the variances and permits you need to maintain continuity of your project.

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