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Commercial Property Tax Assessments And Reductions

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Before you challenge the assessment and taxes on your commercial property, have a team of pros that are prepared to assist with the process ready to represent you. At Wallace & Wallace LLP, our lawyers have more than know-how; we have years of experience of working with local municipalities and their offices. Our experience in commercial real estate law also gives us a leg up in handling complex property tax issues.

Setting Expectations: We work directly with you, understanding your issues and expectations while accessing the potential and extent of reaching a favorable outcome in your appeal. This includes reaching out to the assessor for review, filing for examination or filing a tax certiorari with the courts for a judicial assessment if it is in your best interests. You can turn to us for a realistic and upfront explanation of your options.

Prepared to Address All Municipal Bodies: Our experience enables us to quickly identify any potential errors or circumstances that may be grounds for a reduction from the initial assessment, and by proxy, taxes. That includes addressing issues with applicable municipal bodies, such as:

  • Boards of Assessment Review
  • New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS)
  • New York courts

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