Municipal Law

Municipal Law And Land Use: Poughkeepsie, New York

  • Zoning
  • Tax Certiorari – Commercial Properties
  • Real Estate Development

Our Expertise Can Help Secure Your Land Use Approval.

Obtaining the necessary approvals and permits for your land development project can be complex and tedious.  Let our experienced team of municipal attorneys help you navigate the approval process, and deal with municipal planning and zoning boards.  At Wallace & Wallace LLP, our lawyers have decades of experience in areas such as:

  • Land use planning
  • Site plan applications
  • Subdivision applications
  • Rezoning applications
  • Use Variances
  • Area Variances
  • Special Use Permits
  • Appeals
  • Zoning restrictions
  • Residential easements
  • Sewer and water extensions
  • Building permits
  • Tax certiorari for commercial properties
  • Challenges by community groups
  • Historic preservation and landmark status
  • Obtaining certificates of occupancy
  • Environmental law and local permits
  • Real estate development

We understand the complex issues that arise in this area of law. We will work diligently to present your proposal to the appropriate municipal agency.  We will be by your side at the public hearings and work with other professionals such as architects, engineers, planners and surveyors to help make your design proposal a reality. Your immediate and long-term objectives will become our priorities.

We look forward to discussing your proposal at our office in the Poughkeepsie Journal News Building.

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